BWUF is the central body for the development and management of the Chinese martial arts "Wushu" in Bangladesh as specified in the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) constitution. 

BWUF was founded in 2007 as "Bangladesh Wushu Association" and has been declared as "Bangladesh Wushu Federation" by National Sports Council-Bangladesh in 2018. It has an established history of working to promote and develop Wushu in Bangladesh and supporting the IWUF Worldwide.
Our mission is to Increase wushu spirit and values and promote awareness, interest, participation and success at all levels, therefore enriching the health and well-being of all Bangladeshi's.
Promote the development of wushu in all over Bangladesh as well as worldwide.  Sport, recreation, health, and art form of wushu is a widely recognised and popular among children, young and old.
The aims and objectives of BWUF are very simple, they are to:

  • Promote the study and safe practice of Chinese Martial Arts Wushu and regulate as far as possible, the ever-growing numbers of clubs and organisations claiming to teach Wushu.

  • Affiliate to, assist, co-operate with the support national and international organisations having objectives approved by the International Wushu Federation.

  • Act as an advisory body on all matters appertaining to the practice of the Wushu, through liaison with statutory and voluntary bodies, news media and other relevant parties.